Trophy staff: Kyle’s revenge – Address Restaurant – Eastern indian eating Happy club – Brunette Horny daughter – Inquire their

Trophy staff: Kyle’s revenge – Address Restaurant – Eastern indian eating Happy club – Brunette Horny daughter – Inquire their

Trophy staff: Kyle’s revenge – Address Restaurant – Eastern indian eating Happy club – Brunette Horny daughter – Inquire their

To those That have Beaten The game: What’s the passcode to gain access to the fresh shack about trees or how can you obtain it. Please Answer.

you might ask Sabrina to the code. it’s 6004. but before you to definitely, ask the 3 most other lady to Adventure dating sites provide you with clues. Enter this acquisition: Kate, Erika, Mia, Sabrina. I am hoping that helps ^^

heyyo people. (this is certainly S0S) sure, i understand i’m a girl tackle it;) (truth be told there is apparently no good sim games aside?) anyways, im into gymnasium hottie and you will im stuck on her fav program issue…let some body?

heyyo visitors. (solution to S0S- caroline1154) aha!! the fitness center hottie enjoys it inform you “Shoot-out”. hope this helps, to every1 that has been curious;)

we usually do not get this to online game at all wat intimate would it such as just how do you tlk bck omg plz help me to

Oh yeah, and you will Kate instance dramas! Erika’s gowns shop are Hyped Up and next Maia desires to feel legal counsel.

uhhh i shed on every one to i eventually got to actually ever workplace from sabrina kate mia as well as the lady i basic goed which have fitness center girl or watever her name’s

A few of this information is Incorrect; Mia performs since this lady fathers front desk staff at their dental practitioners workplace. Kate try a waitress and you may Mia would like to become legal counsel.

I you should never obtain it! Could you ever before marry a lady out of Anything? Or perhaps is it said to be by doing this? Your own not meant to Profit the overall game or something?

Ok therefore i know how to victory every ladies over and you may blahblahblah. However, this video game looks Impossible to overcome. I’ve my stamina from the 3 hundred+ right now, however, each time I increase my strength, Cyclops’ increases for example significantly!!

Jordyn Jones– There is certainly a solution to marry the woman or inquire her where Cyclops is actually (asking her a keen ‘crucial question’ within a thousand+ center products). However,, in the event you marry the girl, you must begin once more (unless you saved before you can marry) and there is nothing to the storyline When you marry. I won’t share with the fresh ending, however, We hoped that it assisted.

Janitor: Busted mop – Borrow funds Kyle – Give It’s restroom – ladies Joe’s birthday celebration – Keep in touch with him Easter Mascot – Beat your up

Errand man: Java – Don’t care Tennis – Leave it Looking – A-side Band put – Vehicle parking destination Donuts – Vanilla

Offers manager: Pencil – Send Vinh’s issue – Accept Sick – Vinh gets control of Also have relying – Matter the newest pencils Brandan’s glasses – Let it slide

Computer Management Assistant: Office Class – Scream at its faces Video game safety – Weird unicorn security Guild rivalry – contest Pranks – Dylan Sail – Vessel 2

Cubicle give: MMORPG – Enjoy Meeting – Jazz Danny – Whoop their ass T-clothing – Mark by hand Anniversary – Significant

Organization management: Virus – Anti-Malware Software Karaoke – Old-school Photocopy experience – Flame them Rock band contest – Signup Later to own meeting – be truthful

Vice-president: Growing work – Top having Kev and you can Rich Nut accident – Will not answer Paintball – Await right back-up Science department – Zero Kyle’s second payback – He is bluffing

Huge manager: Assistant – Cheryl Dustin – Provide him a chance Foundation – Music event Larger employer tennis – Unique video game provide Flashy Jack – Reject

How can you defeat Cyclops?

how can you obtain the specials in the gowns shop? B.t.w. to own Kate you forgot in order to list in which she works therefore listed her favourite dining double.

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