MCQ Questions for Category 12 Economics Part step 3 Design and you may Costs which have Solutions

MCQ Questions for Category 12 Economics Part step 3 Design and you may Costs which have Solutions

MCQ Questions for Category 12 Economics Part step 3 Design and you may Costs which have Solutions

Creation and you can Can cost you Classification twelve MCQs Questions which have Responses

Concern step one. In development mode, design is actually a function of: (a) Rate (b) Issues off Manufacturing (c) Total Costs (d) Nothing ones

Matter dos. Might need regarding operating regulations out-of Diminishing Output is: (a) Scarcity of Issues (b) Incomplete Substitution anywhere between Situations (c) Each other (a) and you will (b) (d) Nothing of your own a lot more than

Question step 3. And therefore of the after the teaches you the brand new brief-work with design form ? (a) Rules out-of Request (b) Law regarding Varying Ratio (c) Yields in order to Level (d) Suppleness from Demand

Concern 4. Long-focus on production function is related to: (a) Legislation regarding Request (b) Law out of Growing Productivity (c) Laws and regulations out of Efficiency in order to Measure (d) Suppleness regarding Request

Concern 5. Where phase out of manufacturing a mental producer wants to work in shot-manage creation ? (a) First Phase (b) Second Stage (c) 3rd Stage (d) Not one of those

Concern six. Law of varying ratio shows you around three amount of manufacturing. In the first phase out-of manufacturing: (a) Each other MP and you will AP go up (b) MP rises (c) AP Drops (d) MP was no

Concern 7. From which big date all the affairs from creation could be altered ? (a) Short-run (b) Long run (c) Longer focus on (d) All the around three

Question 8. Production function is expressed as: (a) Qx = Px (b) Qx = f(A, B, C, D) (c) Qx = Dx (d) None of these

Question 9. Which points one of following the we discover simply speaking-manage design procedure ? (a) Fixed Points (b) Adjustable Affairs (c) Both (a) and (b) (d) Nothing of them

Matter 10. The stage and that develops basic and you will immediately following getting constant starts to eradicate is named : (a) Software (b) MPP (c) TPP (d) All of these

Matter 11. And this of following are a great saurce out-of manufacturing ? (a) Home (b) Labor (c) Resource (d) Many of these

Question several. Legislation away from changeable ratio is related to : (a) One another short-work on and you can longer term (b) Long-run (c) Short-run (d) Longer-work at

MCQ Questions to have Group 12 Business economics Part step 3 Design and you may Costs having Responses

Matter 14. In the event that every issues out of development are improved by same ratio and thus yields increases by an elevated proportion than it is called : (a) Constant production to measure (b) Coming down production to level (d) Many of these (d) Nothing of those

Concern 15. And this of your own after the is included in the money prices ? (a) Normal Earnings (b) Specific Pricing (c) Implicit Cost (d) Most of these

Question 16. And this of your own adopting the is not fixed prices ? (a) Premium (b) Attract (c) Price of Raw Point (d) Lease of the Factory

Question 17. To the rise in manufacturing the essential difference between total cost and you can overall repaired rates: (a) Stays Constant (b) Grows (c) Decrease (d) Each other Develops or Decrease

Concern 18. Alterations in design numbers connect with: (a) Each other Fixed and you will Changeable Pricing (b) Simply Varying Costs (c) Just Fixed Costs (d) Not one of the above

Concern 19. What takes place whenever design was closed ? (a) Repaired Rates Grows (b) Variable Can cost you Decline (c) Variable Can cost you feel no (d) Fixed Costs getting no

Question 20. The opposite term out-of opportunity pricing are: (a) Economic Rates (b) Harmony Price (c) Marginal Rates (d) Average Cost

Matter 21. Whenever average costs is decreasing what reputation marginal pricing has because compared to mediocre costs ? (a) MC > Air conditioning (b) MC = Air-con (c) MC ? Air conditioning (d) MC ? Air conditioning

Concern twenty two. And therefore report of following the is true ? (a) AC=TFC – TVC (b) Air-con = AFC + TVC (c) AC=TFC + AVC (d) Air-conditioning = AFC + AVC

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